Characteristics of a Good Project Manager

managerA leader is only as good as his subordinates. A team is only as good as the weakest link. There is no I in TEAM. These are the words that you often hear during team meetings, staff bonding, and company team buildings. This is true in a way but the responsibility and the gravity of any project really lie on the capabilities of the manager.

It is through the project manager that the tasks are planned, the finances are allotted, the people are assigned, and the milestones are achieved. If he is assigned to buy traffic for website, he can add a task on the project to write a blog to grow traffic or go and use coupon to save money. A simple example and yet this is a great way to explain how good a project manager should be.

Great Communication Skills

One quality that a project manager should have is great communication skills. A manager can be excellent in planning the whole project but if he is not able to communicate it to his assistant managers, to the team leaders, and to the other employees, then he will not achieve the goals that he set for the company and for the team.

What encompasses good communication skill? He should articulate words clearly. His plans should be detailed in a way that is understandable to his employees. He also should cast the vision to the workers. He should trust his employees and interpret it in his communication with them.


Technical Expertise

You can be the best communicator in the room and still not be a good project manager if you do not have the expertise to back it up. You should have finished any technical course on project management. You can get a college degree or, at least, a project management course for your company. Some industries even send their managers to these courses so that they will have the skills to back up their already established leadership talents.

You should have an understanding of finance allocation, logistics, equipment dissemination, skills of the workers, legal documents to comply with government requirements, and others.

Good Decision-Maker

All the decisions made in a project are based on the decisions made by the manager. The project manager should be reliable in terms of the decisions that he makes for the company. Any business does not readily entrust a project to someone. You really have to prove yourself in decision-making before you get the position and title of the project manager. You must have a good sense of what is happening around you.