GitCafe is a tool that any company or even individuals use to manage their projects. Companies with simultaneous projects can definitely take advantage of our platform. We know how it is like to organize tasks and details of a project. We have all been there. It is difficult enough to manage the financial aspect, the overhead, the logistics, the legal documents, and other factors that will affect the longevity of a project. The tool that you should use to manage all of these should not add to the hassle and stress that you are having while managing the website.

Who we are

We are a team of business analysts and project managers who saw the need for a project management tool that is more efficient, easier to understand, and cheaper compared to other tools. We made the tool with programmers and experts who build a website from scratch. We assured that the interface of the tool is made for newbies and beginners who can understand the tool even if it is the first time that they will use it.

What do we offer

GitCafe may look simple from the outside. But once you try and dive into it, you will recognize that it has tons of features and options. Our tool is better and easier to use compared to other platforms available. We have tips and tricks on how to use our tool which you can activate to easily maneuver through your projects. You can even manage multiple projects at the same time. You can include your whole team in GitCafe as you manage the projects.